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A Raagi is a singer of sacred hymns. A professional Raagi must have a group called a Raagi Jatha of at least two persons: the main singer and a percussionist who usually plays the Indian tabla (two small drums placed side by side). Usually Raagi Jathas (groups) travel in threes – the main Raagi and another, maybe less proficient, and the percussionist, the one who keeps the drum beat. The main Raagi should be proficient at singing Gurbani (sacred hymns) preferably to the musical measures prescribed in Guru Granth Sahib. Years of training is required.

These days the main Raagi must be able to play the harmonium or a string instrument (rare). Any practising Sikh with reasonable proficiency can sing Gurbani in a Gurdwara. Ability to speak local language would be desirable e.g. to be able to teach children or do short translations of hymns in between singing for the benefit of Sikh youth or non-Sikhs who are entitled to sit in the Sangat. There are well known Raagi families (Ghranas) in Panjab tracing their ancestry back to the days of the Sikh Gurus. They command much respect amongst the Sikhs but may not be bale to speak any other language. .
Percussionist with Raagi Jathas: Beat is almost essential for professional Gurbani singing. A Raagi Jatha always has a percussionist, playing Indian tabla – a pair of small drums – or some other type of traditional drum e.g. dholki or mardang, which are rarely played these days except in cultural programmes. A number of years of training is required to play the tabla proficiently, although, there are always local amateurs.

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